Our values



Liberty as freedom of creation. At LIEN we believe that intellectual property should not be an obstacle to creation and innovation, but a tool to foster them.



Imagination is a tribute to creators and entrepreneurs. Those who are able to look far into the future, to imagine new worlds, new realities and new ways of being. These are the people we work for.



Empathy means "putting yourself in someone else's shoes". The attorney is the person who speaks up for those who think they no longer have a voice. We believe that empathy is essential to help you defend your interests and realize your projects.



Novelty being an essential requirement for the registration of trademarks and patents, it could not fail to appear among our values. The same novelty that you bring with your creations, we want to put it in the practice of law.

A special commitment to the planet

LIEN donates 1% of its revenues to organisations fighting for the preservation of the planet.