We provide legal assistance directly before Italian, French, European Union and international (WIPO) courts and intellectual property offices.

Thanks to our economic and managerial expertise, we can also advise you on matters beyond mere legal protection.

From idea to Trade Mark

A trademark allows one's company to differentiate itself from its competitors and creates extra value for the product or service. The added value of a trademark may be reflected in larger margins or greater sales.

Our services

Advice on the choice of the sign:
○ Assessment of the consistency of the trademark with one's corporate strategy
○ Clearance searches to prevent the infringement of third party rights
Trademark registration:
○ Filing strategy from a territorial and timing perspective
○ Definition of the list of goods and services in order to avoid litigations
○ Renewals, proofs of use and transcriptions

From Trade Mark to brand

A successful trademark can assume independent value from the firm's products and services. A "brand" may generate additional cash flow for the firm through the granting of licenses.

Our Services

Trademark protection:
○ Surveillance services:
• On a national or international level: filing of identical or similar trademarks
• On the Internet: Use on marketplaces and social networks
○ Judicial (trademark infringement, unfair competition) and administrative actions (opposition, invalidation, non-use cancellation)
Trademark valorization through licensing agreements

The value of a brand as an intangible asset

The brand can also be a critical resource in extraordinary corporate operations such as contributions, merger-acquisitions, and liquidations. A well-protected and valorized brand can acquire significant economic value and make a difference in these situations.

Our services

Trademark valuation for balance sheet revaluation (Italian Law Decree 104 of 2020), loan collateral, assignment.

Our valuation is characterized by a quantitative analysis, related to financial criteria such as cash flows or royalties generated by a trademark, and a qualitative analysis, which takes into account legal and business factors to assess the strength of a trademark and its communicating power.

Complementary services

LIEN also provides legal assistance in the registration and defense of industrial designs and blockchain registration of copyrights, as well as in litigations related to the world of digital works and NFTs.