About us

Tommaso holds the strong conviction that the law and the economics of intellectual property are inseparably linked. He graduated with a degree in “International Economics and Management” from Bocconi University in Milan. His thesis was “Trademark Valuation. At a Crossroads between Law and Economics”. He then continued his studies at Sciences Po in Paris where he graduated with a law degree specializing in “Innovation Law“.

Tommaso trained with a French law firm specializing in intellectual property and worked for several years with a trademark consulting firm where he developed an expertise in the defense and strategic management of international trademark and domain name portfolios.

Tommaso considers the law a malleable and constantly changing subject in relation to social, economic, and historical dynamics, and he believes that the lawyer must be a leading player in this change.

His curiosity drives him to keep abreast of the latest news in the field. Particularly concerning the evolution of the concept of property in the digital world such as blockchain and Non Fungible Tokens (NFT).

Due to his Venetian origins, Tommaso could not fail to be passionate about oenology which, together with vinyl mixing, are his great passions.

Tommaso is enrolled as an Attorney at Law with the Paris Bar and with the Milan Bar.

Letizia is a tireless traveler, each and every city and country she has lived in has contributed to her personal growth and shaped her personality.

The cosmopolitan London has taught her to see differences as a treasure, a valuable resource.

In Paris she discovered the French tradition for the protection of human rights and freedoms, thanks to which she has developed her passion for the law.

Italy, with its art and history, has passed on to her the value of both traditions and innovation.

Letizia is passionate about the defense of artistic and entrepreneurial creativity and believes that legal norms are a tool to protect them.

Letizia graduated with a degree in Economics and Management from Bocconi University and later received her Master of Laws from Sciences Po (Paris).

During her studies and professional experiences, she specialized in the field of intellectual property particularly in the area of trademarks and copyright.

Italian and French are her mother tongues, while English has been the primary language of most of her studies and is still one of her main working languages.